Nov 1, 2020
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SEO Profile : B&Q, Homebase & Wickes

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The war is on for the SEO keyword “DIY”, who will win, do we care? all we wanted was magnolia anyway.

Seo mom takes a peek at what is happening in war of DIY serps.


Mom has been busy in her house and garden. Like most of us we’ve not had a holiday this year, instead have been focusing on getting the house sorted! 

What does B&Q, Wickes and Homebase all have in common and which will take a dominating seat in UK serps?

SEO - Profile - DIY

Of course, they all are trying to very hard to rank for the SEO keyword “DIY”, “DIY + Keyword etc.

Obviously B&Q have a leading edge by owning he exact match domain, the big question though is, will this be enough as consumers move online bringing their purses to ecommerce-ville. 

DIY, is a great keyword to focus on. Lots of organic search, consumer demand, 36K of questions to plugin to. Whats not to like?

DIY SEO Metric

According to Google, these brands rank quite well for the search term : DIY.

B&Q  = = Page 1, Position 1 Organic
Homebase = = Page 1, Position 2 Organic
Wickes =  = Page 1, Position 3 Organic

At a glance it seems that the exact match domain approach is working well for B&Q. 

Wickes does seem to be doing rather well to be ranked so highly for the in demand industry keyword. I mean, they are plenty of other websites out there such as screwfix, Toolstation, amazon, argos, etc that are ecommerce heavy weights that should or could target this keyword better.

DIY Domain Authority 

According to Majestic the domain authority of Wickes is so very low comparable to B&Q – so why should they be able to rank P1,P3?

Wickes DIY SEO

Before we delve into this further, lets bring back Homebase into the fray, they are ranking P2,P2 right!

DIY Categorisation Authority

Interesting to see that the domain authority for Wickes is focused to Computers/Software/Accounting

where as B&Q and Homebase are built from Home and Gardening which is the sort of categorisation you would expect.

It would appear that the generalised link building, link outreach, er approach taken by Wickes is paying off, even if it is a bit general in its focus.

Possibly, the best chart I read all day.

Using my handy charting mom is very impressed with the organic reach of B&Q, good going! But we have to ask, is it really worth all the effort for ranking for the keyword SEO DIY?

seo mom was told that B&Q’s most valuable SEO words are centred to brand and not keyword. 10k CTR vs 31k brand search. Surely that cannot be right.

Heck, with so many keywords seo mom thinks it hardly matters.

DIY SEO problems

With everything that is working well for B & Q, let’s look under the engine a little. Are you a gliding swan or is your e-commermce digital asset like everyone elses (in that it has some tweak needed and problems)…

Well, if you expect that holding link equity of so many links and referring domains there will be a few issues. No surprise it seems as there are a few problems with the link profile.

Having so many links can be a heck of problem. seo mom did a kinda of a yelp when she saw so many junk and links from China.

Link cloud with a heck of a lot of chinese links, and are these spam urls as well.

I mean every website has a few spam links, right? But something seems maybe slightly off having 409 domains linking to a website with the same anchor text and dare you visit any of these great looking websites (that’s a joke, don’t because what we found were infected, insecure sites you’d not want to let any visit).

Adding to it, does it matter that 20% of your anchor text is in a foreign language coupled with no anchors, spam or nonsicle text. The answer of course, is that in the case of B&Q it does not affect their performance.

(Don’t try this with you domain…and word from the wise, don’t visit the spam URLs from the screenshot unless you want to fry an egg on your hard drive)

Postive DIY SEO

On a more postive note, it looks like… I mean B&Q, are doing the right things sure there are a few bumps in the road, but data does not lie and there’s nothing better than a postive trend line on a sic (six) month moving average.

When you are out in front, you are out in front.

Summary of the SEO keyword : DIY

Currently its under ownership, there’s little hope that any organisation taking this one down, with a solid ownership, however it would appear that P2,P1 can be under threat.

Couple that with a smart approach to snippets, questions and maps and you have yourself what is an interesting situation.

Do you have a keyword you want some SEO opinion on? Send it to seo mom and she may well make it part of the site.

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