Oct 23, 2020
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Reed – we love you, more than any Monday

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Reed, one of the largest traditional recruiters of 80’s and 90’s successfully transitioned to a market leading digital position… where are they now?


Remember Reed from the nineties…the prestige of saying ‘oh yes, I temp for Reed”…they were the accolade of the high street recruiter agencies and they look to have taken the lead in the UK recruiter job-board and hybrid marketplace. 

Where are they now?

We’ve got some data from an estimating tool to share some insights. Obviously as an estimating tool there will be variance and it’s based on average CTR and ad spends to review the PPC financials component, but as seo mom doesn’t focus on ads we’ll stick to our main area of interest being, SEO.

Been doing some link building there Reed? With a solid strategy of job posting content there is massive link equity for Reed.

Job ads are obviously rich with keywords and the indexation time of Google to discover the Reed content is fast to say the least.

Search engine traffic for Reed is on a steady increase.

Reed you really are nailing the SERPs we love you just as much as Mondays.

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