Oct 20, 2020
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Mom told me how to use Google for seo. Properly.

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Google commands you cannot live without


seo mom knows Google. 

And she uses it in a way that few really know. And I mean ‘really’ know. 

There are  command search queries anyone can use to help get 

  • SEO information for audit
  • SEO information for opportunities
  • Destroying Analysing your SEO competitors

In actual fact seo mom says there are 50+ Google commands where you can leverage your time. You can use these to commands for finding

  • Insecure webpages
  • Broken links
  • Competitor back links
  • Indexation issues

We’ll cover off some of the most useful for seo use and also share a few that you’ll likely not know about. The time you use to read this blog post you will save from using Google with SEO command searches for your seo activity. 

How to search Google with SEO commands

We will assume that you already know a thing or too about Goole search commands, so at this time we’re just going to give you the list for you to go try and experiment.  – for an indexation search

keyword  source:Google news site

e.g. search for macbook in Financial times 

Intext and Allintext allow you to search longer search phrases e.g.
allintext: how do I get voice search traffic

seo mom knows its good to track down different online documents like PDFs so for this purpose use filetype+file
e.g. seo filetype: pdf to search for PDFs that have some topical value towards the keyword seo.

Intitle+ Keyword and Allintitle+Keyword are good ways to hunt for outreach keyword based opportunities.
e.g. intitle: seo blog

Inurl+keyword and allinurl+keyword for finding domains that exact match or hold commericial or overlapping SEO keywords to your interests.

Related+ domain allows you to search for related domains and uncover seo competitors.
e.g. – very helpful when you want to see which sites a search engine think are related, rather than what you would expect.

seo mom assumes that you know the basics already like +, AND, ” ” and -keyword, so we will not cover these off in this blog post but its worth getting to know Google search commands, for some its an easy way to move away from software to assist with webmaster responsibilities

“ – inurl:https”

imagine putting that command into a tool to search a list of domains where you could find insecure pages. SEO can be easy to deliver, to win clients if you think imaginatively and think out of the box.

seo mom evens uses the search bar as a calculator, do you? Use the * and + or – to make calculations in your browser.

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