Oct 22, 2020
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Getting the best from working at home

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Working from home and delivering SEO for clients, what a dream come true for most. And it really can be but only if you are organised don’t let a perfect lifestyle home business become a nightmare. Five strategies to help keep your sanity. 

Strategy 1

Get organised.

There’s no point in even trying to plan your time unless you use a tool to manage your activity.

Google calendar – A good starting point

The easiest way to get something started is to use Google Calendar, it has helpful reminders and you can see at a glance what you should be doing and when. It’s also a useful tool to collaborate and invite others to discuss shared tasks. 

Strategy 2 

If you are lucky (this means you’ve worked hard) and have a full compliment of clients then the next most dangerous liability is allowing your clients to reach out to you ‘whenever they want’… would an accountant, or solicitor spend hours every day taking calls from clients? Well, the answer would be yes, but this ‘time’ would be charged for. 

To get the best from yourself by providing the time you need and deserve to deliver a quality service you should consider:

1/ Telling your clients that you charge for your time, you are a professional, right?
2/ Allocating a specific time each week or month for reporting, questions and strategy
3/ Decide that you want to deliver a set service, and describe this is a service level guarantee, anything beyond is charged or not available
4/Have a messaging service to manage your inbound calls and questions
5/ Operate a ticketing system

Strategy 3 

Don’t deviate. 

If you have a service and its working well, do not change what does not need to be changed. Sounds simple right?

The SEO industry is like no other, it’s continually changing or rather, trying to change you. So when you next get a free offer for a reporting tool, or a trial for software, think twice before accepting you are giving away your valuable time. While the service is ‘free’ your time is still very limited.

Strategy 4


It may be obvious, but working from home means that potentially there are no boundries. It’s easy to to take longer breaks and to not put your work first. The most common indicators that your time is not being recognised as valuable are:

– Spouse or partner thinking its OK to keep interrupting you
– Relatives that visit un-announced
– Ordering lunch-in with alcohol
– Lunch out with alcohol
– School runs, school drop offs
– Covering for your partners work
– Deciding other tasks are more important in your working day
– Not working as their is a task that you do not enjoy

Its a slippery slope and best to recognise early before things start to slip. If you can keep working hours within a working day, you’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility of working from home so much more. 

Strategy 5 

Messy desk. Messy mind. Messy files, lose your mind! 

No one like losing things. Losing data, losing client notes, losing your mind! 

Most SEO’s are quite well organised, it comes with the territory. But we all need help from time to time. Again, Google may come to the rescue through Google Drive. 

Drive, is the anywhere, anytime portable file system, great to keep documents secure but also for :

– Not having to email clients their report, simply add to Google Drive and share the folder or document. No more sending emails! 
– Using Drive to keep track of projects and support files

Best of all, Google Drive is free. You can use it without G-suite and then look to scale up when you are ready. So you see, Google does help SEO’ers from time to time.  

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