Oct 21, 2020
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Free authority link acquisition strategy

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Quick five minute read, if you are familiar already with high DA score websites and link advanced link building strategies.


Free. There’s no such thing as free. Well, this is free. But be mindful that building irrelevant backlinks can not be a wise move, so think before you leap!

Anyway, now you have read the disclaimer and, so, you want some juicy backlinks to help you on your way. Here are some simple methods to generate what many would say are legitimate backlinks to your website.

Getting connected to event sites is super white hat and a great way to get some authority. I wont put a link, you’ll have to Google the URL yourself. Sheesh. I know.

Splashthat has a DA of 84. Yep.

Easy. Sign up. Create an event. Write about it. Include a link. If you have an event in your Google my Business account so much the better. If you think you cannot run an event. Yes, you can it’s a facebook group event, or, a online conference event.

BitBucket has a DA of 91. Whoosh!

Again. Easy and legitimate. Join, create a project include a link within the project. Thats it.

Issuu has a DA of 95. Now, we cooking on gas!

Open an account. Get opportunity for 2 years. Tip, do not put link on opening page. Go for quality.


Wikipedia has a DA 0f 92. “Yeh we know about it already”

Wikis are the moms of no follow link authority, every effort you make to owning a page, link, citation. Will be worth it.

For those that say “follow” is everything and that “no follow is not worthwhile”, seo mom says that it’s worthwhile remembering that you are guessing. Only Google understands the context or follow, no follow, author, categorisation, keyword, anchor and contextual link, not you, not I.

What we do know is that these quality, authoritative websites provide a distinct advantage when managed in the hands of a seasoned seo expert.

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